Web Panels available for Linux

The Linux environment does not have the Graphical UI interface by default as found in the Windows server. Hence there are a lot of panels available in the market to enable the Graphical user interface layer for the Linux based environment. The Graphical user interface would help to manage the website on the Linux based servers. Also, these interfaces will help to manage the hosting easily and quickly without major challenges in a web site hosting. 

Generally, most of the users prefer to host the website on Windows server rather than doing it on Linux because of the user-friendly option on Windows. However, security wise Linux servers are considered as the best ones and they seem to be less prone to hacking processes. There are even automation tools in the market that can work against these web panels and can provide solutions for hosting on the Linux servers without major manual effort.

The Linux based environment comes with a plain setup and it will not have any panel configuration. Without the Panel configuration the hosting or the setup on the server can only be done by trained Linux engineers as it will have to be done based on a set of commands. Hence Web Panels are considered to be the most important requirement for any Linux based server configuration

The Web Panel helps you to install Web Applications with few clicks. The installation of the software is also automated and you do not have to do the installation or setting up the database. Most of the Web Panels come with the option of Popular web applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal Prestashop, WooCommerce

 Beyond the installation and the software availability, these web panels help to access or monitor the logs, Browser details, Page views many other processing information readily available for the customers to explore and get insights

C Panel

This is the most available panel and the most popularly used panel among the clients. They provide a Web based hosting panel on the Linux Operating systems. CPanel is most preferable because of the simple and approachable design. If the User Interface is simple, then it becomes a user-friendly tool and it is flexible enough for usage by any user. This web panel has the excellent FTP and has easy PHP options

Direct Hosting

This Web Panel has a lot of features and options specifically designed for the Linux platform. This firm continues to attract users by releasing a lot of excellent features on the platform. They have recently introduced Automatic SSL Certificate generation. The DirectAdmin daemon now supports HTTP/2 connections via a "Go" wrapper. These latest options will help to have quick rendering of the Web pages for the end users of the web site. This firm has a Pro-Pack option which has the ability to Throttle resources per user. Pro-pack comes with the option of managing even the Redis Database with a certain amount of user management features.

Beyond these Web Panel features, this firm gives an option of managing the Server shell directly from the browser

This product also has the inbuilt feature of tracking the emails which will be very helpful for the business operations


This Web Panel is termed as the innovative control panel for Linux servers. This Web Panel comes with the option of Centralized platform for managing the license as well as the monitoring features.  Plesk has a completely documented setup and there is a clear user manual to use the Web Panel. Plesk as a tool is available for both Linux and the Windows servers. The guide on Plesk will have various details on how to go with utilizing the Web Panel for the Virtual host configuration, Service management, Back up, Performance management and the security management directly using the security features from the Web Panel.

Plesk has a great GUI which generally gives a user-friendly option for the IT specialists to manage the mail, DNS, web and other services. Since it is a preferable tool by the system engineers it is mostly used to facilitate the hosting of servers for the end customers.


It is also one commonly used tool as a Web Panel for the Linux servers. This platform comes with an option of auto installation with a single click. The auto installation comes for more than 400 Apps. The Firm had identified commonly used Apps across end users and it had been configured within the platform. Vest has a clear control panel which has the major details on the dashboard like Web, DNS, mail, DB, CRON, Backup. Also, the control panel has details about the performance, bandwidth disk space and other analytical information about the hosted websites.


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